Reducing Maternal Mortality in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh

Fulcrum Aid is partnering with Immanuel Mohila Kolyan Somity to train and resource Village Health Workers in remote regions of the Bandarban Hills.

In Bangladesh 5,200 maternal deaths occur annually - which is 8% of the total deaths among women of reproductive age. Many women experience acute complications during pregnancy and childbirth and those who survive often suffer from illnesses and disabilities such as anemia, obstetric fistula, uterine rupture, genital/uterine prolapse and infertility. Overall, for every maternal death approximately 40 women suffer obstetric complications - which are largely preventable with skilled service providers. This is especially an issue in the remote regions where it can take women several days to walk or travel to the nearest health clinic.

Bangladesh is making a big effort to train more Midwives, but the Midwives after training are typically placed in urban or regional areas, leaving the remote villages in the Chittagong Hill Tracts with a serious scarcity of skilled health workers to support maternal health and avoid injury or disability from complications during pregnancy.

We are supporting Immanuel Mohila Kolyan Somity (IMKS), an Indigenous women's organisation in Bangladesh, to train and resource Village Health Workers who already live in remote villages to bridge the gap in poor access to skilled birth attendants.

Trained Village Health Workers will reduce the likelihood of the complications becoming life threatening or debilitating by detecting common complications during pregnancy and promoting the uptake of maternal and newborn health care behaviour and services.

Fulcrum Aid is currently raising funds to train 10 Village Health Workers. Qualified doctors and midwives will provide the training at a cost of approximately $250 AUD per participant.  

 Meet our Project Manager 

Lauren Hodge travelled to Bangladesh in 2017 to meet the IMS committee and commence planning for the implementation of the project. Lauren works as an implementation scientist, consulting with organisations to implement effective and sustainable community service programs. Her PhD research evaluated the implementation and sustainability of a parenting program delivered by family support workers in Indigenous organisations and communities in Queensland. Recently Lauren worked with World Health Organisation to develop resources for caregivers of children affected by Zika virus.

Would you like to be involved?

  • Sponsor the training of one Village Health Worker for $250 AUD. 
  • Support the project with your donation by credit card or by cash, cheque or direct debit.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your involvement in this project.


   "What would you pay for a safe birth?"    

This village midwife was paid a chicken for delivering a baby in the Bandarban Hills.

Click here to read the story.





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