Welcome to Fulcrum Aid's Online Community

If you are concerned about extreme inequality we invite you to join with Fulcrum Aid in providing relief to some of the world's most disadvantaged communities.

Here are three ways you can be involved:

1. Follow

Receive news updates, project reports and invitations to events by email or social media.

  • Receive regular updates by email: Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking to receive Fulcrum Aid's news.
  • Follow Fulcrum Aid on FacebookLinkedIn, or Google+

2. Advocate

There are many ways that you can be involved in providing relief to communities experiencing extreme inequality.

  • Choose a project that is particularly important to you
  • Share news with your friends and colleagues
  • Conduct a fundraiser. Contact us to arrange an event that will rise financial support for your project.
  • Volunteer. Do you have time or expertise to contribute? Contact us to discuss how you might get involved.
  • Donate. Go to our Donation page for information about giving to your project.

3. Subscribe

Voluntary subscriptions by our supporters cover Fulcrum Aid's administration costs. Fulcrum Aid is operated by volunteers working from home offices ensuring the cost of administration is kept to a bare minimum. 

A modest payment of $10 per month by our committed supporters is enough to ensure the robust development of Fulcrum Aid. This enables our dedicated team to focus on work with extremely disadvantaged communities. It also gives donors the assurance that 100% of their donation to any of our projects will go to the actual project and not be wasted on administrative or publicity expenses.

If you value the work of Fulcrum Aid please consider making a regular subscription that will be applied to our operational expenses. Go to our Donation page to arrange your subscription.


Thank You.

Fulcrum Aid Ltd is an Australian Company Limited By Guarantee. ABN: 31605454671