Join the Fulcrum Village: A global community addressing extreme inequality.

The Village is a community of Fulcrum Aid's supporters who make a monthly commitment to support the development of the organisation. If you like the way Fulcrum Aid works, we invite you to be part of our growth.

For just $10 and 10 minutes per month you can help cover Fulcrum Aid's operational costs.

This includes all expenses related to:

  • Company Administration
  • Project Management
  • Research and Development of New Projects

Fulcrum Aid doesn't deduct administration or publicity expenses from donations to projects. Every cent donated to projects is delivered to the project. Even the cost of overseas travel to conduct project management is considered the responsibility of the company and is not deducted from project funds.

The way Fulcrum Aid can achieve this is through the support of its community of dedicated supporters who make a modest monthly donation towards the cost of running the company.

You can join as an individual, a business or community group.

If you believe in Fulcrum Aid's vision we invite you to be part of The Village and give $10 and 10 minutes a month. 

Fulcrum Aid will provide brief monthly updates informing you of what is being achieved through your support.

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Fulcrum Aid Ltd is an Australian Company Limited By Guarantee. ABN: 31605454671

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