Fulcrum Aid is supporting the establishment of a National Body to advocate for the rights of adoptees in Australia.

Photo: Participants of the Adoption Round Table Think Tank, 2017, which saw delegates from 5 States and Territories agree to establish a National peak body for adoptees.

Adoptee Rights Australia (ARA) began as grass roots activism seeking recognition and redress of the injustices suffered by the 250,000 or more adoptees in Australia, especially those forcibly removed from the families of origin.

Australia has never had a National Body representing the voice of adoptees, leading to ARA being formed in 2017.

ARA advocates for equal rights for adoptees in law and policy and extends support to the donor-conceived and people born from surrogacy who also seek equal rights. ARA stands for family preservation and child welfare and adheres fully to the principles laid down in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Areas of activism include the ending of an imposed and false identity by the issue of replacement birth certificates, the right to cancel adoptions without undue difficulty for those adoptees who wish to do so, and the abolition of all laws such as vetoes or contact statements that seek to control the lives and behaviour of adoptees. Also of interest is the right to be included on parent's death certificates so descendants can trace their ancestry, a right of access to Family Provision legislation when in need, and the issue of disinheritance.

ARA supports introduction of monitoring of child welfare after adoption, cessation of advertising children for adoption, and review of payments made to adoption organisations and adopters. ARA works to equalise the status of adoptees, similar to adoptees in other countries. ARA recognises that adoptees are over represented among Australians suffering mental illness, poor education levels, incarceration, drug and alcohol addiction, poverty and trauma from maternal separation.

Fulcrum Aid is the auspicing body managing a Forced Adoption Support Services grant funded by the Australian Government and secured through Relationships Australia New South Wales that will see Adoptees Rights Australia negotiate the initial phase of establishment and become fully functional as the National Body of adoptees.

Fulcrum Aid is not seeking financial contributions for this project, however anyone interested in supporting or making contact with Adoptee Rights Australia is encouraged to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank You.