Fulcrum Aid seeks funding from individuals, groups, businesses, companies and philanthropists to enable the work of restoring balance to communities experiencing extreme inequality.

Donations to Fulcrum Aid can be made by credit card, direct debit, cheque, money order or cash.

Whichever way you choose to donate, it is important that you inform us of your name and address (email or postal) so that we can issue your receipt. We also need to know if you are donating to a particular project, or if your donation is to go towards Fulcrum Aid's operational costs. Undesignated donations will be allocated where needed.

All donations over $2.00 AUD are tax-deductible within Australia.

Donating to Projects

Current projects that Fulcrum Aid is receiving donations for are:

Donations to any of these projects will be used exclusively for the project specified. Fulcrum Aid does not deduct costs for publicity or company administration.

Please contact us to discuss any concerns or suggestions of how you want your donation to be used.

Donating to Fulcrum Aid's Operational Expenses

Fulcrum Aid is operated by volunteers working from home offices ensuring the cost of administration is kept to a bare minimum. 

A modest donation of $10 per month by our committed supporters is enough to ensure the robust development of Fulcrum Aid. This enables our dedicated team to focus on work with extremely disadvantaged communities. It also gives donors the assurance that 100% of their donation to any of our projects will go to the actual project and not be wasted on high administrative or publicity expenses.


How To Make Your Donation 

Donate by Direct Debit

Use your online banking facility or visit your bank to transfer your donation directly to Fulcrum Aid's account.

Fulcrum Aid Ltd

BSB:  633-000

Account:  155255201

Please put your name in the reference field and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the amount donated and the name of the project.


Donate by Cheque or Money Order

Please write Cheques or Money Orders to "Fulcrum Aid Ltd" and post to: 

Fulcrum Aid

PO Box 126

Christies Beach

South Australia, 5165

Please include your name, address (email or postal) and the name of the project.


Donate by Cash

Cash donations can be made at any branch of the Bendigo Bank. 

Fulcrum Aid Ltd

BSB:  633-000

Account:  155255201

Please put your name in the reference field and contact us to provide your name, address (email or postal), the amount donated and the name of the project. 


Thank You!!!

 Fulcrum Aid Ltd is an Australian Company Limited By Guarantee. ABN: 31605454671