Images of Bangladesh

Written by Angela Stewart on Thursday, 23 July 2015. Posted in Bangladesh

Images of Bangladesh

In September 2014 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend 3 fabulous weeks traveling through Bangladesh.  It was my first overseas experience, and one I will never forget.  
Here in Australia we hear so much of the negative aspects of Bangladesh, and sadly so little of the wonderful traits…the lush, beautiful landscape, rich cultural heritage, and most of all the friendly, creative, hospitable people and their amazing resilience to overcome adversity. 
My time spent there was a life-altering adventure, and I hope that my photos will reflect at least some of the beauty and charm of this very special place.

Dhaka City: Happy kids…always ready to smile for the camera


Old Dhaka: Taking a trip down the Buriganga River (aka the Old Ganges) we saw lots of beaming smiley faces.


It seems traffic jams aren’t limited to the roads in Bangladesh…the river is chock full of boats and ferries, all shapes and sizes. You can just see the tip of our boat as it almost crashed into this one.


Teenage boys enjoying the water (and perhaps showing off a little for the camera!)


Just as the rickshaw drivers work so hard on the busy streets for every cent (or taka) they earn, these men work incredibly hard too, ferrying families and workers to the clothing factories you can see in the of Bangladesh's biggest industries/exports.  


More fun on the river. What a resourceful idea to make rafts from bags stuffed with scraps of polystyrene!


Lalbagh Fort


Stilt houses in Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Tracts


A beautiful mother with her sweet little girl. It was lovely to see a game of peek-a-boo works in any language


Rangamati: After stopping to say hello, these two little boys quickly became our friends and followed us for a little while as we walked along the street. When I stopped for a second photo later on, the boy in the white shirt reached across to pull his buddy’s shirt closed. It was such an unexpected, caring gesture from one little friend to another.


Riding on the back of my friends motorbike through the rain in the Chittagong Hill Tracts…just one of many highlights during my visit to Bangladesh.


Chittagong Hill Tracts: Set into the side of a hill was this little rotunda…and some local women sitting inside rolling wool and selling their wares to tourists.


The women seem so happy and content in their work…and why wouldn’t they when surrounded with so much glorious colour and stunning scenery?


Savar, near Dhaka: Out for a late afternoon walk, we met this group of shy young girls on their way home from school.


A proud dad with his darling baby girl…very happy to have her photo taken


Savar, near Dhaka: This beautiful lady followed us for a little while as we walked along the street. Western tourists are quite the spectacle…as you can clearly see from the group of curious onlookers in the background. It seemed so easy to make someone’s day by simply smiling at them and saying hello.



Rustic little tea shacks are a common sight all over Bangladesh, and I never quite felt brave enough to drink at one until our 3rd last day. On this day, my friend Sila and I went for a walk on our own and felt daring enough to try it. I’m sure by the time we’d finished around 20 people had gathered to watch us giggle our way through the super sweet, scalding hot tea. “White” tea in Bangladesh usually means lashings of sweetened condensed milk…and it takes tea to a whole new level of sweetness that was very much an acquired taste.

About the Author

Angela Stewart

Angela Stewart

Angela Stewart is a photographer living near Mildura in north-west Victoria. She is married with four sons, and her photography business also focuses on families – especially capturing the natural delight of children in informal settings.

Angela also volunteers with Heartfelt, an organisation of professional photographers who provide photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature deliveries, or have children with terminal illnesses.

In September 2014 Angela travelled to Bangladesh with a team from Fulcrum Aid. Her images are a celebration of life, culture and community.

For more information, or to contact Angela, please follow this link to her website.


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    Great photos Angela. This brings back so many great memories. Thanks.


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    awesome image of bangladesh. really it is awesome site.
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