Fulcrum Aid will work with Kokoda Angels and the PNG Association of South Australia to support the recovery of communities in the PNG Highlands affected by the earthquakes. 

From the 26th of February a series of earthquakes have devastated the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Hospitals, schools, roads, electricity and communication infrastructure have been damaged or destroyed. In many places mountainsides have collapsed into valleys burying homes, blocking rivers and destroying vegetable gardens. The official death toll is over 100 but is rising daily as emergency aid struggles to get to the worst affected communities. Numerous families have lost their homes, all their possessions, plus their food and water supplies.

Shila Yukuli Paia had just arrived in the highlands to commence a school building program and arrange import of medical equipment as part of the "Soil Child" program when the first earthquake hit. It is hard to imagine the scenes she has described. Whole villages buried, mountains collapsing, rivers diverted, hospitals and schools damaged or destroyed.
Shila helped several of her injured relatives evacuate. Her own village is severely damaged.

Shila, along with other members of the PNG community in Australia have requested Fulcrum Aid to support the worst affected communities. 




Our Response

We have been asked to support the recovery effort with first aid medical supplies, medical and building volunteers, provision of safe drinking water, therapeutic child nutrition, support for a vaccination program, plus provision of basic household items such as clothing, blankets, cooking equipment and gardening tools.

We have also been asked to help assessing the need for repair and rebuilding of medical facilities and comunity structures such as schools and housing.

Needs and direction will be an ongoing assessment directed by the on ground disaster zone management team to us. 

Getting the help to where it is needed

Our extensive network and local knowledge enable us to deliver targeted assistance with high effectiveness.

Funds from this appeal will be used for direct assistance to earthquake recovery strategies, sending equipment, rebuilding and ongoing support.

About Us

Kokoda Angels, Fulcrum Aid and the PNG Association of South Australia are working collaboratively to provide effective assistance to the earthquake recovery efforts of local communities in PNG.

Kokoda Angels has been providing emergency response and medical services in PNG for over 10 years.

Fulcrum Aid is an international development organisation with an anti-poverty program operating in the PNG highlands.

The PNG Association of South Australia is coordinating the support of the PNG community, and facilitating communication with community leaders and disaster management in the affected region.

Ruth Nalau is our Project Manager. Ruth is a paediatric nurse from the PNG highlands and recently completed a masters degree specialising in leadership and management.




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