Changes to the Fulcrum Aid Team

Written by Steve Blacket on Tuesday, 20 December 2016. Posted in Fulcrum Aid News

As we approach the end of 2016 we say goodbye to one of our team members, and welcome others.

Changes to the Fulcrum Aid Team

Kerry Sanders has volunteered her time and expertise to Fulcrum Aid for the past two years giving leadership to our publicity and promotion. Now, with her business Spark BDM growing, plus numerous other responsibilities, Kerry has decided to step down. Kerry has brought innovative ideas, a professional edge and strategic thinking to the team at Fulcrum Aid, and her oversight of our public launch in February set the standard of excellence that we now try to maintain. We want to publically express our great appreciation to Kerry and send our best wishes for the coming year.

As we say goodbye to Kerry, we are pleased to welcome several new members to the Fulcrum Aid team.

Greg Lawrie provides technical support with our website, and recently DNG Technology, of which Greg is part owner, offered to provide our web hosting at a very generous rate.

Dr Lauren Hodge brings her expertise in project development and management to the Fulcrum Aid team and is taking a leading role in exploring our support for maternal health systems in Bangladesh. Lauren has implemented the Triple P parenting program for Indigenous communities in Queensland, and has recently commenced working for the World Health Organisation in Geneva developing responses for children affected by the Zika virus.

Jo Skeates will lead the development of Fulcrum Aid’s support community. Jo brings many years of experience in community development through her roles with the Salvation Army and in the public school system. Jo will coordinate the growth of our support base, arrange events, and have some involvement in fundraising.

David O’Connor, of Evenhand Management Consulting & Training, brings a wealth of experience in business transformation and will be giving leadership to Fulcrum Aid's organisational management.

Like the rest of our leaders, Greg, Lauren, Jo and David volunteer their time because of their commitment to reduce extreme inequality and its devastating impact on society.

About the Author

Steve Blacket

Steve Blacket

Steve is the Managing Director of Fulcrum Aid, an organisation dedicated to sustainable freedom from extreme poverty with partnerships in four countries across Africa and the Asia-Pacific. Steve’s urban ministry in South Australia led to lifelong friendships among the South Sudanese refugee community who requested Steve’s assistance with community development in their homeland. Working with a faith-based organisation Steve initiated and managed various projects in South Sudan including Darfur refugee support, training and resourcing Traditional Birth Attendants, an intervention program for war affected children, a Midwives Training School, a program for girl’s education, and a community agricultural enterprise. Steve also initiated education projects and social enterprises among the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. Steve returned to Australia in 2013 with a vision of how a small, non-aligned aid organisation committed to assisting early stage, locally initiated projects could make a difference. Partnerships and project opportunities continue to grow, including slavery rehabilitation in South Sudan, social enterprises in Bangladesh, independence schemes for vulnerable young women in Uganda and South Sudan, holistic care for HIV affected children in Bangladesh, and resourcing a Nurse and Midwife School in Juba, South Sudan. Steve’s vision drew support from across Australia and in 2014 he led the founding of Fulcrum Aid, dedicated to supporting in-country leaders and harnessing Australian partners and resources so that local communities could move towards sustainable freedom from extreme inequality and poverty. Today Fulcrum Aid has a dedicated team of Directors and an expert staff including Business, Project, Publicity and Research consultants, supported by Steve in his role as Managing Director.

Contact Steve by email here.

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