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Fulcrum Aid is an Approved Charity

on Sunday, 03 March 2019. Posted in Fulcrum Aid News

The ACNC has approved Fulcrum Aid's application for Charitable Status.

Fulcrum Aid is an Approved Charity

We are delighted to announce that Fulcrum Aid has been approved by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as a registered Charity. We have also been granted status as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI).

The ACNC is the national regulator of charities, overseeing the compliance of over 50,000 Australian charitable organisations. The inclusion of PBI status is an endorsement that Fulcrum Aid's primary purpose is to relieve poverty and suffering.

The Registered Charity logo is a symbol of accountability that will provide greater trust and confidence with Fulcrum Aid's supporters.

It also represents a step towards our eligibility to apply for Deductible Gift Recipient status. Although at this stage we are not able to provide tax-deductible receipts, we look forward to being able to provide this to our donors in the future.


PNG Cultural Event in Adelaide

on Saturday, 28 October 2017. Posted in Fulcrum Aid News, Soil Child - Papua New Guinea

An opportunity to experience dynamic PNG culture and raise funds for medical equipment for PNG.

PNG Cultural Event in Adelaide

All are welcome to our Papua New Guinea Cultural Event on Saturday 11th November at Flinders University. As well as showcasing PNG culture, the event will raise funds to provide medical equipment to PNG’s under-resourced health services.

Although Papua New Guinea is our nearest neighbour, its vibrant culture remains a mystery to most Australians. With 865 diverse language groups and one of the world’s most colourful, energetic and gregarious societies, the people of Papua New Guinea will make an unforgettable impact on those fortunate enough to have the experience.

While being abundantly rich in culture and community, when it comes to their health care services PNG is not so well off. The majority of the population living in the rural sector face the greatest disadvantage. The relocation of the Royal Adelaide Hospital has provided a unique opportunity to secure surplus medical equipment that will be shipped to medical facilities in PNG. The equipment is provided without cost and the distribution is being managed through the Rotary Donations in Kind program. Project Manager Shila Yukuli Paia says the equipment will be distributed to 2 provincial hospitals, 57 rural health centres, 158 community aid posts plus the Angau General Hospital which is the only cancer treatment facility in PNG.

Changes to the Fulcrum Aid Team

Written by Steve Blacket on Tuesday, 20 December 2016. Posted in Fulcrum Aid News

As we approach the end of 2016 we say goodbye to one of our team members, and welcome others.

Changes to the Fulcrum Aid Team

Kerry Sanders has volunteered her time and expertise to Fulcrum Aid for the past two years giving leadership to our publicity and promotion. Now, with her business Spark BDM growing, plus numerous other responsibilities, Kerry has decided to step down. Kerry has brought innovative ideas, a professional edge and strategic thinking to the team at Fulcrum Aid, and her oversight of our public launch in February set the standard of excellence that we now try to maintain. We want to publically express our great appreciation to Kerry and send our best wishes for the coming year.

As we say goodbye to Kerry, we are pleased to welcome several new members to the Fulcrum Aid team.

Greg Lawrie provides technical support with our website, and recently DNG Technology, of which Greg is part owner, offered to provide our web hosting at a very generous rate.

Dr Lauren Hodge brings her expertise in project development and management to the Fulcrum Aid team and is taking a leading role in exploring our support for maternal health systems in Bangladesh. Lauren has implemented the Triple P parenting program for Indigenous communities in Queensland, and has recently commenced working for the World Health Organisation in Geneva developing responses for children affected by the Zika virus.

Jo Skeates will lead the development of Fulcrum Aid’s support community. Jo brings many years of experience in community development through her roles with the Salvation Army and in the public school system. Jo will coordinate the growth of our support base, arrange events, and have some involvement in fundraising.

David O’Connor, of Evenhand Management Consulting & Training, brings a wealth of experience in business transformation and will be giving leadership to Fulcrum Aid's organisational management.

Like the rest of our leaders, Greg, Lauren, Jo and David volunteer their time because of their commitment to reduce extreme inequality and its devastating impact on society.

Announcing Two New Opportunities

Written by Steve Blacket on Wednesday, 12 October 2016. Posted in Fulcrum Aid News, Village Health Workers - Bangladesh

Providing basic health services in Bangladesh and South Sudan

Yirol Hospital, Eastern Lakes State, South Sudan.

The Directors of Fulcrum Aid are excited to announce support for two new projects that will provide basic health care for some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. In Bangladesh Fulcrum Aid will sponsor the training of ten Village Health Workers in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, and in South Sudan Fulcrum Aid will support the development of primary health services in the newly formed state of Eastern Lakes.

The request to support the training of Village Health Workers in the Bandarban Hills of Bangladesh has come from a group of women who are concerned for the high number of women giving birth without access to skilled midwives. Basic training will be provided by doctors and midwives registered with the Ministry of Health, and will cost approximately $250 AUD per trainee. Fulcrum Aid is seeking ten individuals or groups willing to sponsor one trainee.

The second opportunity is the initiative of Athina (Athieng) Duot who has a vision to support the development of primary health care in her homeland of South Sudan. Athina is a Registered Nurse and is currently undertaking further medical qualifications. Yirol is the centre of the newly formed Eastern Lakes State in the central region of South Sudan and has minimal services and infrastructure. Athina’s vision is to support training of nurses and midwives, and to resource the development of basic health care systems.

Please contact Fulcrum Aid for more information or to register your interest in these two strategic opportunities.

Two New Directors Appointed to Fulcrum Aid Board

Written by Steve Blacket on Friday, 09 September 2016. Posted in Fulcrum Aid News

Simon Uppill and Dr Julie Robinson have been appointed as Fulcrum Aid Directors.

Two New Directors Appointed to Fulcrum Aid Board

The Board of Fulcrum Aid will benefit from the knowledge and experience brought by it's newest members, Simon Uppill and Dr Julie Robinson.

Simon has a degree in Development Studies through Adelaide University including courses on poverty, gender and conflict. His concern for the disadvantaged has led Simon to volunteer with prison support programs, and work with Servants in Vancouver supporting people with mental illness, addictions and homelessness. His exploration of restorative communities has led him on a journey through remote Australia and India. Simon has a background in sports retail management and is currently employed as a school chaplain in Adelaide's southern suburbs.

Dr Julie Robinson is the Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Flinders University. In her role as a developmental psychologist she has specialised in resilience in situations of adversity. Julie has had extensive experience with refugees and other disadvantaged communities in the developing world through research, supervision and lecturing. In 2014 she was co-convenor of an intensive training program on maternal and child health for staff from diverse East African government departments and NGOs that was funded through the Australia Leadership Awards Fellowships program.